How does it work?

ERST – first of its kind

ERST (Edenborough-Rogers Selection Tool) is the first process to take the findings of a personality test and apply a critical questioning technique designed to evaluate actual behaviour.

ERST uses the highly regarded NEO PI-3 personality inventory. Results from the individual’s inputs are used to generate a series of carefully designed questions based on the work of Dr. Edenborough on structured interviewing using an approach drawn from the field of positive psychology.

The questions are general purpose, and will be effective and relevant in most situations. However, they can be tailored to meet the cultural and behavioural specifics of the organisation(s) within which ERST will be used.

The commissioning client supplies contact details of the candidate(s) to Selection and Development Technologies Ltd. We make contact with the individual(s) and provide information required to allow them to access the questionnaire site (provided by Hogrefe UK). The output is married to diagnostically focused structured questions, and the resulting report is forwarded to the commissioning client for use in the subsequent interview.