Who are we?

Robert Edenborough C. Psych. Registered Occupational Psychologist, PhD, AFBPsS B.Sc.

Robert has specialised in assessment and development for over 30 years, as an internal and external consultant and has led teams providing recruitment and assessment services. He worked as Managing Director of the UK arm of Selection Research Inc., which pioneered  talent based structured interviewing.
He was also Director, Management Review and Assessment at KPMG. He has diverse experience in both the public and private sectors and, since moving into consultancy over twenty years ago his clientele has reflected this mix. He has helped organisations select staff from Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary downwards and has worked in team assessment in connection with major changes, such as mergers and buyouts. His contributions to the management and psychological literature in the recruitment and assessment field, include three books, with translations into Russian and Chinese.

David Rogers BA (Hons), MA, DMS

By background a senior HR practitioner, David has over thirty years experience in Human Resource management. He has worked in a broad range of industrial, commercial and public service enterprises, including engineering – both mechanical and electrical – paper technology, the computer industry, commodity trading and broking, teaching and the Civil Service. For ten years he was European HR Director of a major US electronics multinational and for several years he practised process design with
one of the UK’s leading BPR consultancies. He holds an honours degree in modern languages and a Masters in English Literature.In addition to the UK, has practised psychometric testing and assessment in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and the USA and for fourteen years consulted to the Civil Service providing assessment services for senior civil service posts.